Psí život

As a preview for today’s mood. Although I am sure my Bonnie has better life than what I have now. Time passes excruciatingly slow when you are bound to a hospital bed. It’s been 11 days so far – I’m counting also the admission day.

I’m getting very bored and because of the fact that I lost my new glasses in the accident – now I’m wearing the pair I got 4 years ago, which is not that accurate with my current measurements – my head hurts sometimes. And when I’m trying to see a movie or kill minions either I’m falling asleep either I’m getting agitated.

Agitated and restless is how I feel today, due to the fact that Sun in transiting sextile my Uranus and also due having yesterday a menu of mostly carbs… You know, the saddest thing of having to lie in bed all day is you cannot cook. I miss my vegetables!!!!

I was thinking in case they will agree to release me sooner than 6 weeks to spend let’s say last 2 weeks in my bed at home. I was planning to bring my mom so I’ll have someone with me 24/7 but this still means I will have to be at least in condition to sit in a wheel chair so I can be moved around the house. Besides, our bed is on 1st floor so I may have to improvize myself a bed downstairs.

God, please give me patience to resist this nicely as a patient… as I hate being patient.

Just remembered, last night I dreamed I had a book published. 🙂

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