Day 12

In the end yesterday turned out a good and productive day. We had vegetables for lunch: red beet salad, celer root and potatoes and cream soup, chicken with champignons sauce and rice. I ate everything.

And then I worked for few hours. Being able to help at work keeps my self esteem and my spirit high and makes the time spent here pass faster. Overall is a win-win situation, although I should probably admit “I am an workaholic”.

We have a 3rd room mate since yesterday afternoon.

I slept good last night, from 21:30 to 6, with few interuptions when the other coleagues were calling the nurse and when my knee was hurting, so they brought me a patch with some icey stuff. Probably my knee was hurting because of those exercises I realized I can do without the help of the arms and I might’ve exagerated in the spur of the adrenaline.. and the pain killers. But the good thing is I didn’t wake up with nausea and headache like yesterday morning.

Btw, did I mention I’m taking between 16-18 pills each day, to which I add that injection every night against embolia?

What else? No, not nespresso, 2 in 1. Although I should try that also someday…

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