Can planets hold a grudge?

According to I am currently under the influence of Pluto transit square Mars. First time and only time in my life.

“There is some danger of accidents under this influence, almost always because of frustrated energy within you. Obviously the solution is to express any anger and resentment that you feel and communicate with the people who are important to you about your feelings. Also avoid any situation in which you are exposed to unnecessary risks, for here again the energy may come out in some undesirable way. (activity period end of January 2016 until beginning of December 2017)”

And it does make sense. At that time also Mars was transiting conjunct My Scorpio rising and Saturn, the accident happened after dark, my pelvis area was affected…

God, I’m taking this as your warning, I apologize for getting frustrated and distracted and for not paying enough attention to your signs on the due time.

I am sorry for having been so ungrateful and so unsatisfied in the past months. I got greedy and stopped thinking properly.

I am sorry for making you angry by not seeing and not appreciating my unique talents. I only have 3 more weeks here, to reflect and to come at peace with my true self.

I apologize for letting myself influenced by people who offered me advice, although not really knowing me.

I apologize for searching for the attention of such people, just because I was in love with the feeling of danger.

I apologize for thinking I was unbreakable.

Thank you for showing me exactly how strong I really am. Not too much, not too little.

But most of all, thank you for reminding me I still have a pelvis.

And the last two volumes of 50 Shades, in my native language. What better way to increase the energy of that chackra and heal me faster? Suddently, 6 weeks in bed gained a complete different meaning.

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