Repeating infinity

This morning I heard some fragments of a song, which reminded me of Infinity from the Guru Josh Project, when one of the nurses opened our room door. And since then I’m listening it on repeat. Along with Era – Don’t go away. I wonder why I love these songs so much. Perhaps they remind me of a time when I was very blissful.

I used to believe happiness is a state of mind and is something that you chose, not something that you find. Yet, there are times when you are constrained to share your space with other people, for a longer time, when it becomes harder to block out all the other noises/stimuli in order to achieve your desired state of mind.

Anyway, what I wanted to write is “I wish I will never forget what makes me happy and to never lose the way of connecting to those things/emotions”.

Happy Infinity Day, everyone! :d

PS.Today I celebrate 5 years with my current employer 🙂 A significant milestone.

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