Just dreams

23rd Rainy Road, London.. February 14th, 2017, a soft woman’s voice singing the chorus of the song “All of the stars”..

– Mommy, you are the best singer in the world!

And then the little girl opens her eyes, looks around and suddenly starts crying..

-Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?

Ruffus starts to bark and Jason rushes in the room only with the trousers of the pajama. Shy, through the right side of the room door apears a lovely woman dressed only with Jason’s pajama shirt..

Josie looks right through her father and with tears in her eyes and hiccuping says:

– Meredith! Where is my mommy? She was just here.. She was singing to me…

Ruffus jumps over her in bed and starts licking the tears out of her cheeks.

And this is the moment when Meredith finally understood how it was possible for Josephine to still see and talk with her mom, because being in shock the little girl was not able to make the difference between dreams and real memories.

In her sessions with Meredith she was describing her encounters with Moon with such an incredible amount of details that the doctor couldn’t believe she was able to dream so vividly at such joung age.

Apparently it was needed for Meredith to finally dare to occupy the space of her mom, for the little girl to break into her delusion. And this time Meredith stopped feeling guilty for replacing her mom, as Moon may forever live this way in the girl’s dreams and there was nothing wrong with that, as long as Josie was aware that “her dreams” was the only place where her mom may still live.

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