I’ll be alright!

Just saw a video on youtube on how bones heal, interesting, I should be now in the beginning of the last stage, when the gelatinous filling is transforming into a bony filling. Currently 6 &1/2 weeks. It would have been more fun to count weeks of pregnancy, but we will get to that also. If not this life, perhaps the next one! 😀 Eternity is big enough for everything and everyone.

I’m passing through very weird emotional/psychological experiences these days, extended to digestive and sleeping troubles: hard transits to Moon and Chiron. I thought I knew most about how I function and how I cope with rejection, but it looks I’m still having surprises, which may not be a bad thing. I was expecting some blocks in my path, but I was not expecting I’ll have to face them while in a hospital bed and with limited internet access. Looks like “I’ll have a lot of stories to tell my grand-children”, as Diana was trying to cheer me up, couple of days ago.

I believe Leona Lewis’ songs are the best to bring me back to life. Now “I got you” on repeat. And some time ago I realized that there is no better self-motivational text for me than my own blog posts, which proves I, all by myself, own all the necessary tools to solve temporary emotional dependency issues: 6 years of archive, in so many places and situations.

Because for me don’t work at all standard self-motivational texts like “do that” and “don’t do the other”, moreover they create me depression. I function on a different level/frequency, where only the contact with my own spark is enough to fire me up and reborn me back from the bottom of the ocean. I should thank my Sun conjunct Neptune for that, which creates a “fascination into oneself”, with the ability of detaching from the current situation, while experimenting a higher and higher dimension every time, over all humanly emotions. And the most challenging part every time is to succeed to forgive My Self for letting Me fall.

Sure, if bones can heal, then souls can also. Probably in the same rhythm. But you know what is fun about souls? Souls have colours. 😀 They are made out of blended strings of infinite shades of very bright colours, which flow continuosly through our bodies, attaching themselves to every little crack and scratch that the body may have. Just like in Doctor Who, in the episode with the nanogenes. Seriously. Archangel Raphael just told me, it needed a while to find me, he was confusing Frydek Mistek with Mystic Falls. 😀 And he promissed he will not leave me until I will be back home, all healed up.

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