Dear blog,

Stop stressing me to write for you 😀

I don’t know what else to write to complete you, you are never satisfied.

Don’t you see nobody has any interest in you? Ok, the average of 1o visitors daily is not nobody, but it doesn’t prove any point, since nobody has anything to give you back, in form of comment or like or stars. Nobody is encouraging you in any way, how come you are still alive?

You’re not interesting dear blog, you are long and boring, you have visitors just because people are curios at first click, then, after they read the first paragraph, they realize it’s not what they were expecting and they close the page.

Simple as that. There are millions of blogs out there, you have to advertise yourself better.

People are superficial, dear blog, please stop believing that anybody really cares about your stories. Everyone has their own stories. If, in exceptional cases, they do care about the owner, they call the owner or contact her on facebook and ask questions that were answered and re-answered many times here, even years before they ask them in person.

Nobody really cares for you, dear publicly viewed blog. How does this make you feel?

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