And the story continues

As in, Leo and Archer – part II.

So, on December 18th, 2012, he sent me an sms telling me something like “If I’m not mistaken, today is your birthday. So I’m wishing you Happy Birthday”. And I was like “hmm… his phone number digits add up to 3 (no, they weren’t) and he sent the message at exactly 19:25!! That’s definitely a sign that we are true love, soul mates, twin-flames, cristal children from the same ray of.. cristal..”

Actually, I was glad he wrote, because Oana, Ale and I were already tired of wandering around, so I replied asking him to recommend us a nice place to dine. I don’t remember if/what he replied, but I do remember that, when he came back from Christmas vacation from Frydek, he invited me for our first date – it was a brunch – to a lovely restaurant near Anděl, where we had hot red wine and vegetarian pizza. Where we invited also mom, dad and brother, when they came to visit Prague, in June 2013.

Funny thing: he told me while we were talking on Skype during Christmas vacation that he is vegetarian, as I didn’t realize he hadn’t eaten any meat at the Christmas party :D. I was surprised, both in a positive and negative way, but in either way that changed the impression I had formed about him, it only changed the impression I had formed about my universe.

And in the date after, we went to a Coffee place close to Einstein’s Pizza (at some point we ate also there, some very tasty brusquettes) and we had fun solving math trinoms and exercising czech :)). And then we climbed to Petřín, at the Astronomic Observatory and we saw Jupiter and his moons. And we’ve been also to see the technology exhibitions at the ground floor in the Tower.

And it became night and chilly and very romantic, while walking just the two of us, holding hands. And then it became very funny when we realized that we are full independent grown-ups and we don’t have a curfew.

A, something important, when he came from vacation, I waited for him at the train station and we had a coffee at Burger King, where he gave me a nicely wraped piece of apple strudle that his mom (or dad) had prepared. My heart was half melted!

Then we’ve been at the movies, where we saw The Hobbit and we had vegetarian dinner at Lovely Hut in the Anděl Mall (where I’ve enjoyed eating alone before, at least a couple of times).

Then, we agreed that the weekend of Feb 2nd-3rd, 2013, I will spend it at his place, in Přírodní (I was living in Stodůlky back then, there were about 80 minutes, by public transportation, between us) and we will cook together and we will have walks in the forest to feed the goats… and we will fight with snow (actually the snow happened on Feb 24th) and we will have so much fun!

We made a huge pot of vegetables: potatoes, eggplants, paprika, zucchini, tomatoes, olive oil, onion and spices (was there also brocolli or cauliflower there? :D) and we started with some tuica and a special spread, his dad used to prepare out of butter, blue cheese and walnuts – it was absolutely divine and full of calories. Then we had some white wine, then some red wine and then probably some visinata… as breakfast appetizer. 🙂

And he managed also to fix my laptop and transfer all the data from the old hard drive – that I was carying with me from Romania, like my greatest treasure – into the new laptop, so I recovered hundreds of pictures and videos from the theatre plays and I was very happy about it.

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