My first portrait drawing ever

Last evening at around 6 it came to me the idea to try drawing a portrait, one that I saw on facebook at some point and I saved it in my phone. Now I saw it can be found here. Please note the originals are digital..

So this is my first portait ever. Not even in school I had to draw something lke this… and I know the quality is proportional with the time spent in the details, but so far I’m happy with the result, considering I did it while looking at the picture in the phone and lying in bed, not even at the desk. It took me 3h the draft with mechanical pencil 0,5 mm and another 4h to color it with normal colored pencils.



And I am aware that the girl in the draft looks more cute than the one in the colored portrait 😀 it’s because of the sparks in the eyes and slightly different shape of the mouth, but the colored one seems to look more like the original. Anyway it’s much harder to work lights with colors, especially on manual drawing, when you don’t have the opaque white pencil, which is first thing I’ll buy when I’ll be out. And a set of water painting pencils. The pictures are  made with the phone, HDR mode.

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