Crossed over 1 million

Since I had to give up killing minions when they moved me into this wing without wifi, I was struggling to find some fun meditative way of killing time. And some days ago I noticed I have this Bejeweled 3 installed on my tablet. It’s fun and it’s very successful in putting my thoughts in order while playing.

And after surprising myself yesterday with a 900k score, way higher than previous ones, now I just passed the milestone of 1.000.000 points :D.

Ignore that the total time says 2h, it’s because I had to put tablet away when doctor came and then for lunch…Screenshot_2016-03-19-13-18-28

Now, unrelated to the game, last night I dreamed about some millions also… a fix figure of 7 million RON, to be more precise.

And about me having two lovely children, Silvia and Serban, and, after putting them to sleep in their beds, I was about to cheat on my husband at some gathering in the living room of my house where everyone was drinking red wine from what ever cup or glass or bottle they could find.. Deep passionate kissing counts as cheating? Or maybe that one was the actual husband!? :))

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