Getting better at it

I believe the images speak for themselves:



Still… I will add that I started the game before bed, I paused it at around 500k, I couldn’t sleep well all night… took back the game first thing when I opened the eyes, at 6 in the morning… played during breakfast… doctor came and she saw the screen and she said she loves the game also :)) and she asked me if I’m good at it and I said “well, now I’m at 1.800.000” 😀

And I lost the game when that senile Tutankamon was stressing me to give me one piece of Merci chocolate.. and she used the Whale as courier… even if I accepted one yesterday and another one the day before yesterday. I said NO like 5 times today.. I don’t want anything now. “Mladá Paní… mladá paní..”… she pissed me off… and I lost my concentration with the game. Next time I’ll take from the first time she asks just so she will let me alone with my game. Yes, I know I became a horrible person… but my back hurts, my neck hurts, even my lungs and my heart hurts. (Ok, lungs and heart only metaphorically speaking)


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