Meanwhile in the…

… experimental training base in Atlantis, the project captain came to each one of the ones “selected” and informed us we will be transferred to Earth… just right when we will be ready.

But, before that, we should learn a few things about the language of the people there. He told us they don’t have numbers in their language and that they actually consider the vibration of the words they use, as numbers. Just like here! I tried to understand their numbers… they say for them “Child” means 44. Interesting.

Another thing that was surprising for me… after the equivalent of “70 Earth rotations around its axis” of hibernation on the capsule, sitting only on our back, while being transported from our planet to the Atlantis base, orbiting planet Earth, we were informed we will have to learn the humanly walking functions!

First I tried to stay in my but while eating for lunch, I mean, still supported by the bed, but it was weird, I was having a feeling of dizziness and it was hard to support my head on my shoulders. They told us this is how Earth beings learn to walk, as babies. Interesting.

They told me I will go there as a child, but I will have to learn very fast to walk, in like “a year” or so, because Earth beings have expectations for everything they are doing. It’s like nobody told them they are simply rushing into nothingness. And then I am expected that by “the age of 3” I will be able to speak properly their language…

I’m anxious to see how surprised they will be when I will go there and I will already be able to speak their language. Ha!!! I don’t even know why I thought that, looks like the “emotions” app they installed yesterday on us is already taking over. Which reminds me what captain told me today… WTF… ok, I have a bug in the “time” app, because I thought today is “Wednesday”.. and I was so surprised that he came to visit today, because I knew he will have to come on “Thursday”… and he didn’t even correct me, so probably he had the same version installed..

Anyway, yeah, what he told me was that while being there on Earth I should start focusing on the good things they do towards their advancement as a species and encourage them to do just that and don’t get involved in their emotional struggles. He told me that upon my success depends whether the next shipment of Atlanteans will be able to arrive or not, as they depend on a certain frequency the Earth must have for them to be able to exist on Earth and not self-destruct, even before learning to speak their language.

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