Warmer times

Today I spent a lot of time outside, because it was very nice. Boyfriend came to visit ❤. I got in the car with him, on the right seat, and we drove a little, around the city and around the forest.

We’ve been at the therase-restaurant in the complex and I got one Marlenka. Must’ve been 1 year since my last Marlenka. Divine. But there it was smelling so much like french fries… which I couldn’t resist buying on my 2nd exit out. I must’ve eaten in the past 2 days the amount needed in a whole week. :)) All crazy things I couldn’t eat in the hospital.

I had two rounds of exercising with the chair, of over 1 km each. It was very fun. At one point in the first ride we came across my room colleague, who showed me it’s much easier in a ramp if you go backwards and support also with the legs, like making small steps only from the knees down. It was really much easier and, for first time after the long stay in bed, I felt also my muscles working… because they were burning. 🙂

And I noticed that I can support my balance standing, pushing all weight only on the right leg, with the hands in lateral and nothing was hurting. But while gradually trying to put weight also on left leg I was feeling something like a needle sting and a weird tickling, on the sacral bone area. Obviously I didn’t insist on that. But I’m happy that I can support myself standing, even if for just 10 seconds, while using the hands for other things. This is very useful.

And my sonic box from Amazon arrived! Hope my boyfriend will have mood to come also tomorrow and bring it to me 😀

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