… are red, violets are blue, I keep walking and so should you! 😀

Today I walked in the morning, still with the walking frame, but managed about 30 meters this time. Then I swimmed and I walked in water, all by myself, for about 15 minutes. It was very cool, except the fact that I was cold in there… Then I came in the room, I warmed up, had lunch and went to exercise on the bike. I beat my yesterday’s record on the motomed, today I made 8 km in those 15 minutes, compared to 5,77 yesterday. Yeeey!

Then I watched more Quantum Leap, I started yesterday evening and I’m already at season 2. It makes me so happy, especially seeing the intro, I don’t remember by which train of thoughts I had the idea to watch it again, right from the beginning. They were so young! I was so young. I was in 7th-8th grade when it was first aired on tv. 🙂 Sam Beckett has been a father figure for me in my childhood. Sam Beckett and Eric Camden. I’ve learned so much from them..

Tomorrow I should go to my first class of ceramic modeling. I am planning to make a rose.


Now I have to wait for one week for it to get hard and then I will have to color it and glaze it. 😀

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