Dreaming of landing

I know everyone dreams about flying, but how many people dream also about landing? Should I be worried that I’ve created myself another world, there, in the dream world?

I cannot find any interpretation of “dreaming about landing”, as everything is related to landing a plane. No, dudes, I’m not landing a plane, I’m landing on my own feet, from heights like 50 metres high, where I got just by myself.

It’s scary to land, when you find yourself floating in the plain air, 50 metres above the ground, but not impossible. You just project yourself standing, with both feet on the ground, and in an instant you find yourself there.

Now, about the second dream, which was actually the first. It started with him forgetting a set of keys on the table, with an interphone card tied to them. I knew that on the card should have been the apartment number, but it was upside down. :))

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