The strenght within

I feel like I am in an emotional tornado.

I’m grateful, though, for the overall scenery, as I’m currently living some circumstances that I never lived before. Overall this should give me a lot of insights about me and about… the rest of the world.

On some level I want to hide, like a small lizard, under the closest rock. On another level, I want to stay out, get warm, enjoy the heat, until the point of forgetting myself. If I could only be able to jump out of the boiling pot right before getting burned… and cooked.

It’s so comforting to be around the sun again, after so much time of… moist and darkness. It’s so empowering to be, myself, a sun again. And I pray now I will be able to learn on time, how to direct all this energy, for the benefit of all the parties involved.

“Stop associating things with people” they said. “Breathe” they said. “Keep some things for yourself” they said… Just that they all forgot to tell me how to stop falling, once I’m already standing, on my feet, above the ground, after safely landing, from the top of the tornado.

I can only trust my destiny on this, that it will give me signs that will lead me back… somewhere… anywhere… just, still myself, above the ground. Yet, the temptation… “I could resist anything, just the temptation”. They said.

2 thoughts on “The strenght within

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