The doubles

Last night I dreamed I was chased by aliens.

We were invaded, but only some specific people were in their target. I remember they were chasing my family and I and we supposed to stay all silent, hidden in the house, with the closed drapes, between 14 and 15:30.

You knew they were coming for you when you were seeing a double. That was their trademark. Could have been anything from a set of identical twins, to two identical trees – one next to the other – or two identical words, one after the other in a text or some doubled number..

And between this time I saw something very creepy… a room full of babies and children, connected to all sorts of weird wires between their bones. And I killed something bad. I picked it by the legs and smashed its head against the wall, with all my power, until it cracked and died.

Then I dreamed I had a radio show/interview with Enrique Iglesias. We were speaking in spanish. Or that was before the dream with the aliens..

And I dreamed also something regarding to that character I usually dream about. It was something about some acting classes and shows. A, yeah, it was something about two theatre plays, in each of the evenings of 25th and 26th of May.

Anyway, pay attention to the doubles. And when you see them, HIDE! 😀

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