Last night I had the longest session of lucid dreaming than in all my life. I was in a space like a castle or a public house. It was semi-dark and had marble on the floor in some rooms and wood in others. Something like a cathedral but with more rooms.

I was dancing. I was doing pirouettes, on my right leg, I was counting them, I got even to twenty in a row and I wasn’t a single drop dizzy. It was so fun. I remember every image from every degree while spinning. It wasn’t that easy to keep the balance for the complete 360 degrees and barely then push again for the next spin.

I had longer hair. The same hair from now, just with about 1 year longer, because the blonde stripes were starting from somewhere a little below the ears. It was curled at the tips and had small braided portions and it was cut in a different shape. Can hardly wait to have it in that way. I woke up even considering to buy extensions, but I know they are insanely expensive. Gotta save money for the new phone.

Then, I dreamed of a bunch of small Christmas trees. We had to pick one and take it to Romania with us. We were going with a bus and I was sitting in front, next to the driver. The tree I picked was having the leaves shaped more like mistletoe leaves than like pine needles. I was surprised they’d let me stay in front. Then, I remember someone expressed his sadness regarding some bad situation that happened recently in Romania. And I replied “Well, that’s why I don’t live there anymore”. And it makes me very sad to acknowledge this, you know..

And the most interesting part of the lucid dream… I’m not going to share :D. It was truly inspiring nonetheless. It’s inspiring when I discover different shades of me, like, what I’m capable of doing, when being aware that what I’m doing it’s not real.

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