Me Happy!

It might be from the long shower I just had, with my new Energizing shower gel.

Or from the fact that Yanni has this song:

Or from the amazing weather today and the sun – first time outside in t-shirt this year – and the smells of the flowers and the freshly cut grass.

Or from the blue full moon that will happen tonight.

Or from the fact that Facebook exists and that everyone is genuinely happy for me and no one is ironic or sarcastic. :))

Or from the sugar from Cool Grep beer (2%) I had right before the shower, just when I got into the room being bloody thirsty. :))

Or from my Estee Lauder creams and from my Sonic toothbrush. Can hardly wait to receive also my Too Faced palette, next couple of weeks. 😀

Or from the 4 km crutches-walk (way and return) I had with my Hrabyne colleagues: Soña, Ivetka and Pavel, for a lovely snack at the WWII Memorial Museum.

Or from the fact that at the end of next week I’m finally going home!!!

Or from the fact that I bought tickets for my family to come to visit me here (mom and dad made 33 years of marriage this year). Can hardly wait to see the face of my dad when I will take him to the Natural History Muzeum in Vienna :). Or the face of my brother when I will present him to Bonnie. Or the face of my mom. 🙂

Or simply from the fact that I’m still alive and kicking. I had a game this afternoon when I was playing alternatively golf and football with a pine-tree cone. :))

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