Josie and Jason – talk about love

– Daddy, what is love?

– Well, my dear Josephine… Love is… here is an example, so you’ll understand it at your age level: love is when you see one of your kindergarden mates with unfastened shoe laces and you get under the table.  And he will expect you will tie them to the table leg or something, to prank him, but you got there just to tie them properly back together.
Imagine the expression of his face when he will see you actually helped him.

Or when you make someone an exceptional surprise by buying him a plane ticket to experience travelling just by himself to a new country/city, just on an impulse, without thinking too much about it, because you knew how self-rewarding that is to travel and to explore alone the new places and yourself in a new place… and you really wished that for him to experience, out of pure unconditional care. But him, he freaks out from too much freedom and he tries to convince himself that he was the one that didn’t want to invite you, in the first place.

– What? Dad, you lost me here.

– I’m sorry honey, I got side-tracked by memories… 😀

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