27 czk and a 5 eur bill

Long dream I had last night! I dreamed I was running :)) it’s good, I just started walking freely inside the house, I mean, without crutches, and I already run in my dreams.

Just passed over a flu or cold or whatever, that kept me one week with mushy eyes and running nose and slightly coughing. Still didn’t recover 100% of my voice, though. Not that much fun to come back sick from vacation. Some virus I might have caught in the way to Vienna.. or in the way back, since none of my family got sick also… A cold that made me cancel my trip to Prague on Tuesday. At least it was fun in Vienna, even if it was for less than 24h.

What else… yeah, last weekend, on Saturday morning Bonnie ran away. Again. But he came back all by himself, we found him outside, on the carpet, on Monday morning at 6, he was waiting all wet and scared from the heavy rain. And the new bench was all dirty from his muddy paws, he probably climbed there all night at the window, for us to let him back in. 😦 Bummer, we sleep upstairs. And of course we searched for him… through all the neighborhood, shouting and whistling from the car.

Yeah, I dreamed I had to take a bus somewhere and the trip was 27 crowns, so I was preparing to hand 54 crowns to the driver for the way and return ticket, but in the meantime he grabbed the 5 euro bill I had in my wallet. So I slapped him and took my bill back and ran down from the bus. I wonder what could this mean.

And I wish to see more Firefly beatles, like the one that was flying in our room yesterday night. Lucky my boyfriend saw it and showed it to me. It was really magical, as it was flying over the bed. I tried to film it but it was glowing only in the dark and the camera was not capturing anything but black..

What else?… Yeah, I missed also the “10 years from faculty graduation reunion”.. I missed a lot this year already, that’s why I started now to study obsessively for F4 and F5. It’s quite interesting F4 now… no wonder they say there is a time for everything. I need to feel I’m doing something useful with my time, outside of Junos and Venuses and Houses, at least until I will be able to run again. A, yeah, I started re-watching House, right from episode 1. 😀

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