Yeah, about that..

Today I caught 2 Jigglypuffs. 🙂 I’m now at Level 12. My current biggest one has over 400 CP.. the closest gym from my house is at 1 km distance (red), the 2nd – in a different direction – at 1,5 km (blue) and the 3rd – opposite direction as the first – at about 3 km (it was yellow at the beginning, but today I noticed is red). And I’m in Yellow Team.

I found out why my AR mode was not working: because my phone doesn’t have a gyroscope. And then I checked the tablet and it had. But the android version of the tablet was lower than required. So I updated the tablet. Now I play both on phone and tablet. I like it better on tablet, is charging much faster and doesn’t get blocked so often like on the phone. But still I can hardly wait to get the new phone.

I got to middle season 4 of House. It’s still a mystery to me (pun intended :D) why I watch it, considering this year I lived over 4 months in hospital…

I had a lovely dream last night. The usual topic and character. Epic. As usual. Except, wait, at the beginning there was another character that I don’t dream about often. Interesting. I’m always in Ro in my dreams and I struggle to find ways to fly back here and to explain to everyone why I’m there and not here… Nothing about Germany, though. So I might be wrong in my prediction this time.

I lost my appetite for studying for now. I feel quite drained mentally lately… I cannot concentrate anymore… plus, this F5 has a lot of mathematic and more complex exercises… I feel like I’m studying for admission to the university. I make stupid calculus mistakes. And then suddenly my brain gets flooded by too many memories. Too much. After the working hours I throw everything, mount on bike and head to the city center, hunting Pokémons. Or take Bonnie on a leash and head to the forest, hunting Pokémons. This game is not addictive. It’s plain obsessive-compulsive.

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