Today I hatched a Pikachu

From a 2 km egg:

And yesterday afternoon I caught a Nidoqueen!

And I got a Vapoeron and a Jolteon from evolved Eevees. A lot of Eevees around here… Cool! I just evolved another Jolteon, of 1000 CP while writing this!! A 500 CP Eevee hatched from a 10km egg. I wished for a Flareon, though, to have them all 3, but what can you do…

Yesterday while training at the big yellow church gym I met the guy who kicked my Vaporeon from Fryda Gym of fryday evening. :)) I was training and training and at some point I noticed my Pokemons are being kicked out and the Gym turned blue. And I looked behind me and there he was, with his tiny dog on the leash :)) He confirmed the 1600 CP Lapras was his…

My biggest issue is running out of balls. :)) It looks like after some level you need 5-6 balls to catch a pokemon, aside from the Razberry, because the b** escape from the ball. I don’t even bother for Pidgeys, Weedles, Caterpies & Zubats if they are over 50 XP – these are the most frequent in my location – because I know I will have to waste more than 1 ball on them.

Just evolved another Pidgeot, of 900 CP. 🙂

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