A new character..

Last night in my dream she told me the livers were cooked a bit too dry… Creepy dream: I’m metaphorically giving freely my livers away to be eaten and I receive even complaints that they weren’t perfect… She was actually nice about it… And I was trying to excuse myself saying that I’m not that good into cooking since I only eat sandwiches and… bananas. Anyway..

She was also telling me that he is not paying much attention to her and he rarely tells her what his plans are. And I told her the truth. Which truth, you ask? I was about to write that is not relevant, but considering how my dreams changed lately, regarding location and characters, I may say I started a new obsession. Or I should take a break from House, at least 1h before sleep, I have 2 more episodes and finish season 5. Or it’s a proof I’m really narcissistic for falling, for a mirror of myself. Or completely lacking in personality, for missing a mirror of myself. Or too literary creative.

How’s my new phone you ask? Well, I’m getting used to it. After trying the whole week to make time to get to my phone provider to ask for a micro-sim card, this morning I took the matter… and the scissors, in my own hands. It works. I was even praised for my cutting skills.

A, yeah.. first half of today was probably the most productive time in our relationship so far: I did laundry (ok, machine did them) and dusted and vacuumed most of the house (I mean, all the current habited areas, I decided I’m healed enough to do it myself, no more cleaning lady this week. 😀 ) and cooked lunch (steamed broccoli and banana yogurt smoothie… and a small chicken steak for me), while he took care of the grass in the whole garden. I was checking the planets to see some positive transit to our composite Libra Mars, but I couldn’t see anything out of ordinary.


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