in House’s house

So besides dreaming being hunted by wasps, some of them being quite big… I dreamed I was in a house that supposed to be House’s. And someone was chasing me. An old lady with a lawyer next to her, they were downstairs, I saw them from the window and I rushed to seal the entry door.

I knew I was House’s daughter and that old lady was my grandma and she was coming to get me with her. As I was locking the door, that looked so big and solid like a fortress door, I was also trying to dial my dad, House, on my new phone, to tell him to come soon home. After I sealed the main door, deep down knowing that no matter how solid it is, it will not last long, I was trying to lock myself in the bathroom. There was no locker at the bathroom door. 😦 That’s when I got really pissed off and I rushed out shouting at them: what the f* do you want barging in? In my house? I noticed now I was having also House speaking to me on the phone…

In another dream I dreamed I was sorting make-up palettes. I was having quite a few…

I started enjoying studying for F5. I’m at Chapter 5. It started to become more captivating, nonetheless today I had the revelation that I’m still only repeating what I learned in school so far, just in a different language. It looks complicated at the first reading, but when I start exercising it on my own with pencil and eraser (just like my own real dad used to tell me often, that study is done with pencil and eraser and I never cared to listen) I realize I didn’t actually learn anything new, I just remembered what I already knew..

For example, in chapter 5, there is this graphic model of calculating the optimum combination between 2 products, that need to be produced, that will maximize the contribution to profit and fix costs. There is an area of graph delimited by first degree equations, that need to be tangented by a line created from another first degree equation. Quite simple in the end.. it made me remember my infinite notebooks of math exercises in highschool… and when I got a 2(two) grade one time, ONLY because I didn’t copy on my “homework notebook” one exercise that we did in class and I was having it also on the “class notebook”… anyway..

If I could turn back time I would tell that teacher to go f* herself, as I should have other more important things to stress about, since, after 10 years of work experience, after 6 years of university studies, all without paying for, I will have to pay a lot of british pounds for some degree that requires 8th grade math. At least, so far. 😀

And the side effect of all this is that I won’t be satisfied to pass it with a % lower than 80%, after passing F4 with 82% and proving to myself that I CAN. I was never a “50% pass student”, why should I start now?

Conclusion: If you work like a bee you will eventually smell like honey. And all the wasps will try to get you. How do bees defend themselves from wasps?

PS. Sharing some funny lines from another dream, from another day, with my most common dream character: He – stop putting so many tickets to lottery, as your angels will run away, they don’t like this. Me – ha ha, since when do you believe in angels? or into this specific theory that your angels can run away if you do this or the other? He didn’t say anything, just giggled and leaned to kiss me. And I said: – I would only kiss you if you’ll promise me it will not be just this one time. So we didn’t kiss. That time.

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