Ghosts can talk

I’m in 4th day of Yoga camp. Same place like last year. Even if it’s still painful to sit in yoga posture I do my best. Yesterday morning I felt the need to burn myself out a little, consume all the extra carbs from the weekend, so I took it on the road, until the nearest village. 5 km way, 5 km back. It was super. My most prefered way of meditating, walking all by myself into unknown surroundings.

Yeah, about that 25%. Remember the “unidentified slovenian guy” from last year? Yeah, he is also here. I’m crossing him everywhere. This morning was the first person I crossed into while heading to the hot water tank to pour it over my instant coffee. He took juice from the tank dedicated to children. He might still be one, I cannot seem to judge his age properly, he might be from 17 to 25..

Anyway, so after spotting him around for few times at one point, as I was lurking around for Pokemons – did I mention? there is one pokestop and one gym right here in the camp, epic! – guided by a spirit higher than my usual self I approached him by his name and presented myself. I told him the truth and nothing but the truth. That he looks very much like someone I knew and he is somehow like a ghost to me. And that is weird. Nevermind. Take care.

I feel relieved! Like a stone has been lifted from my chest. I’m still curious to know when his birthday is – just for scientific purposes – but who knows, maybe we will talk again… next year.

I dreamed last night – among some weird dreams – that we saw each other in the patio and he came to me and touched my right hand, as in, to make a connection between our so different worlds. I didn’t feel anything, it was too short, but I woke up wondering. I do believe there is more to this reality than we can see only with our eyes.

Maybe we know from a previous life. Although, after my car accident, I started to stop believing that there is any life after death, but that’s a whole new different topic.

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