Some more ivorish stuff

She was 36 when she decided to learn how to write a novel. So I still have time. 😀 Too bad 2019 cannot be compared with 1988, regarding the demand for entertainment from literature and the possibilities for research, into properly creating literature. Nonetheless, I will let you know when I will finish reading “Voyager”, if I find it interesting enough to share my impressions, if I’m still open to the idea of learning how to properly write a novel.

There is this compelling need to do it, that I currently lack. Last night I stayed until 10 to check some things at work. Not for need, but for the passion of spotting any mistakes/inadvertences from FY16 and correct them as long as I still have the chance. Mostly for fun, as solving a puzzle. I’m convinced that analysing numbers is my talent, but I’m still new in some areas… that’s why I’m still studying.

Last night I dreamed I was about to be employed in a new company. They told me at the reception: “We just found out you resigned from your current employer”. And I was like “hmmm… I didn’t, and not planning to, wtf is she talking about? But nevermind, let’s play along, see how the dream develops.” They even took pictures of me and gave me a badge :)).

And there was a meeting of all staff, at some point, everybody listening. All tidy. And my brother came by the main door with a big toy – as if entering into his own living, his playground – a remote-controlled truck that he was leading all over the carpet from the meeting room. It was fun. But I started to be ashamed that, if they think he showed up and made a mess because I invited him, I will be fired. And will get in trouble also the person who recommended me… which was one of my EXs. Which, after the day was over he was about to drive me home into his big black car. But he said he’s counting until 10, if I’m not ready, he will let me there. I was rushing to put my boots on and run towards the parking lot but when I got close to the car I started flying… then some bad people caught me and he didn’t even look back to see I was retained, he just left… 😦 And I woke up.

Some days ago I dreamed that, because of some universal… something…, our Earth moved its magnetic poles and now the day is shortened to only 2h. And it was light almost all the time, as the sun was not setting completely anymore. I was convincing myself in the dream that I have to accept it and get used to the fact that Earth as we know it, will never be the same again.

And something I realized today… you know, about reading in a dream. I found a way to properly describe the sensation. It’s like when you are concentrated to sing a song, make sure you don’t miss any note or verse and you try to read something else: you can identify all the letters and the words, but you simply cannot memorize them… which makes it very hard to read and almost impossible to also remember it. But maybe I should practice more. Most probably people who play piano are capable of memorizing and reproducing what they read in a dream.


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