Zubats and Lazybats

“Kill em with kindness”… 00:51 AM

I can’t sleep… probably because I woke up this morning at an hour that I’m ashamed to write here. There was a storm and I woke up scared at around 5 in the morning when my other half was preparing to wake up and go to work.. I fell asleep again…

“I’m so into you”… wtf playlist has this youtube? This is definitely not making me fall asleep, it’s just nourishing my emotional-maniac state, that feeds my insomnia 😀

De la o vreme a inceput sa nu-mi mai placa de mine. M-am lenevit rau de tot. Bag ca scuza faptul ca am avut 3 oase rupte acum mai mult de juma de an, ca sa nu ma obosesc prea tare cu sportul. Parca aveam mai mult chef cand inca mergeam in carje. Sau poate e o stare temporara. Mi-am pierdut motivatia..

Acum cateva saptamani am visat ca m-a intrebat de ce nu am ramas insarcinata pana acum.. Buna intrebare. Probabil pentru ca sunt mai mult decat jumatate animal, nu ma inmultesc bine in captivitate. :))

“One call away” ?! Serios, Youtube? Ma duc la culcare pana nu ma apuca plansul…

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