Things that keep me awake at night

So in Romania, from July 1st 2016, the amount of money you get in the leave for raising your child, until reaches 2 years old, is 85% from your salary. Ok, from the average of the last 12 worked months in the past 2 years prior the birth of the child.

So if you had the average monthly disposable salary, of 2211 ron*, you would get 1879 ron. Ok, perhaps more, if meal-vouchers and other bonuses/allowances are also included in your taxable income. I hope.

In Czech Republic the average monthly disposable salary is 24507 czk*… Unfortunately here you (still) get a fix amount, which is 11500 czk, if you opt until the child reaches 2 years old, indifferent how much you had the salary.

11500 czk is (today) 1893 ron, which, in absolute value, is just a little over what you get in Romania. But in relative value is smaller. Much smaller, if you also have to pay rent.

And there is even another issue, 2211 ron you get in the first 3-4 years of career (talking here in my case, as economist – with at least 2 foreign languages known at medium level -, not IT or audit or banking), after 5-6 years of experience in the field you could get to 3500 ron net. Still shitty, I know.. but that’s life.. Anyway, for 3500 ron, the amount for raising child is 2975.

In Czech Republic doesn’t matter how much you could have, if you still get 11500 czk.

Conclusion: To be effective for me to keep living here I would need a rich husband. Or not to get pregnant.

Now seriously, this is really keeping me awake at nights. And I didn’t even start calculating how much I’ll have to spend until the baby is actually born (and the actual birth itself). I’m disappointed. Wedding? what wedding? to get a husband I have to get married?? Now you’re telling me??! I might seriously start considering remaining only with my imaginary children, Klara and Diana.

*from as of today

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