Summer is back

Yesterday afternoon and today morning, after breakfast, I’ve thrown a blanket over the recently mowned lawn in the garden and stretched myself on it and it was epic. Thing I haven’t done all summer… just catching sun and relaxing.

So we are searching to buy a new car, after Fiesta dropped us literally in the middle of the street on Thursday. Lucky it was at sunset and the street was empty. Still I had to overcome my fear and be in a car alone, when I took my chances and crossed the main street from Olesna to home, me in the car and boyfriend pushing it… we had to call neighbor to haul the car over the big hill, 1 km until home.

Yeah, this afternoon we plan to go shopping by bike. So light shopping. And next week probably 2 times again. Lucky it looks the weather will be very nice, we had some days in middle of August when we seriously discussed heating the house, as it was just 17 degrees in it during the day :))

I found a new series: “You’re the Worst”. It’s so funny. And I love the entry soundtrack.

“From the bottom of my broken heart even though time may find me somebody new…” It’s funny how I was listening to these lyrics and singing them while barely understanding half of them, in 1999. And “Sometimes”. God, I loved it so much, at that time I was identifying myself so much with those lyrics.I was trying to write them down and asking Madalina to correct them. Where are you girl??

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