Take me home

“Would you take the wheel
If I lose control?
If I’m lying here
Will you take me home?”

In a time and place when you count the hours until the only exciting and interesting thing that happens – a new edition of Next Star, respectively, a new edition of America’s got Talent – and you patiently wait for them to upload the videos on youtube… anyway… it looks that God does have a way of giving me some periods of whole months from time to time, just to reflect.

Currently Juno is transiting my Asc+Ven+Sat.. like in Dec 2011. Nothing interesting about this. Yet maybe something interesting should happen. I know 3 people with natal Juno in this position… but I’m not expecting anything. Where there are 3 there is room for another one. :)) On Oct 10th Venus will catch it also and dance together in the middle of my first house.

This evening I danced. Alone in the living room. Like no one was watching. I felt happy. (maybe having vegetarian pasta for dinner and a shot of visinata helped :D).

Starting beginning of next year Pluto will finally leave my 2nd House. It has “tortured” me enough for the past 16 years. 16 years, God, half of my life! And then 22 years in the 3rd House, which I’m seeing as a positive thing since I have no planets in my 3rd House.

Yeah, everyone was born for a reason, with their own set of talents. Some of them were born to waste night hours writing on their blog that gets to be read only by very special persons also wasting their night hours. Isn’t this awesome?

Two days ago I saw… wait, or was it yesterday? Yeah, yesterday evening I saw a video on youtube about the vibration spectrum of different emotions and about raising your vibration by enforcing positive words. The lady that was talking about this was saying so many things that I might have believed some long years ago but the reality made me forget them. I was listening to her and looking at her body language trying to spot something that could make me say: “yeah, she’s lying, she’s such an impostor! just wanting to get the money of the poor people in the audience!” But I couldn’t find anything. There was a meditation scene where you had to imagine you are in a sphere and this sphere is expanding covering the bed/chair/couch where you sit, expanding until it covers the whole room/bus/metro/airplane, the county, the country, the Earth, the planets etc.

I was already laughing out of pure joy when I covered the house. And then I didn’t know what to do with the energy anymore so I started storing it inside. Home.

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