Nobody cares anyway

Yesterday I went to Prague. I woke up at 5 and at 22 I was back on the alley in front of the gate, gazing at the stars! So clear, I could see even the Milky Way, which I haven’t seen since childhood. At one point in the afternoon, while I was enjoying a coffee in the small meeting room that I reserved for me in the office, I had the feeling that I should do it more often, even if I have to spend 8h from this adventure in bus/train.

At 22.30 I was already in bed. I put myself on the scale, before dressing in my pajama, I was 2 kg more than in the morning, my feet so swollen I could barely climb on the stairs home… I had all sort of hard nightmares almost all night. The part without the nightmares was the part with the recurring dream of seeing lists of names, searching for the same one as always. I fought (verbally) with some old people when I asked them to tell me which of the apartment buildings in Bucharest have 11 floors. I told them I needed this for a project in school. They didn’t believe me.

“I woke up” some time this afternoon, searching bus tickets to go somewhere, anywhere, also in the weekend. My bf called to tell me to be ready after work, some friends will come to take us to someone’s birthday and we will sleep there tonight. Right.

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