Covering the tracks..

After two nights ago, when I dreamed I am committed into a mental facility which was actually on the same property with my country side house.. better said, instead of that house… last night I dreamed I was in Mojo with a group of girls. I remember I went to the ladies room and I noticed I was wearing two skirts: one small white one, over some cute pinkish underwear, and a longer green one on top. And my hair was of a dark brown colour and bangs and held with a jaw clip, it was looking cool 🙂 And the DJ there in Mojo was one of my highschool crushes and there was him also there and this DJ seemed to be very respectful with him and I looked surprised and he said: don’t you know, he’s one of the owners of this place, the major investor – or something. I was like… ooookkk… And then at a table in my left was Roxana and she was drinking from a coca-cola bottle, while playing with the straw, and then the waiter came and she asked me what I want and I said also a coca-cola. And she looked at me weird and said what’s with this non-alcoholic approach and then I whispered to her: I’m pregnant. And she smiled and left.

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