Different realities for the same story

Last Saturday my bf kept asking me “let’s go to Mojo”, “when we go to Mojo” etc.. But after spending all morning at the Technic Museum and then half of afternoon wandering around AFI, I didn’t have that much mood left to dress up and go to Mojo. Also, I had this instinctive aversion towards smoke. I forgot they should not be smoking inside anymore. And without alcohol was simply not that much fun anymore to listen to people trying to sing. Listening good music at home with a ginger tea with a lot of lemon sounded safer/healthier.

Yesterday afternoon same story – after just having arrived back in Bucharest, my mom made some delicious schnitzels that I ate with an impressive amount of sour cucumbers – “Let’s go out”, “Let’s go to Mojo”, “Let’s go to buy Covrig cu Masline”… I’ve created a Monster. He was walking around the apartment just like a Leo in a cage. And I was like… neah… home… much better… hot shower… must catch up with the series, besides, tomorrow morning we have to be at the airport at 6, I don’t want to miss hours of sleep aimlessly..

Just saw Stefan proposed to Caroline. It was so sweet. I felt like shoving into the writers’ faces that scene when they met and Caroline was so into him and he, still obsessed by the memory of Katherine, pushed her away: “Caroline – you and I – not gonna happen!”

And they did manage to keep them away from each other for 10 years or so, time in which she gave birth to Alaric’s twins. I suddenly remembered Valerie… what happened to her? I forgot… how they took her out from the picture? I might have to re watch season 7.

Bye for now. I have another portion left from the potato and tomato soup that I made right when I arrived home, hoping to warm up the kitchen by keeping something boiling 🙂 The only thing I can see myself eating after one week of being mombuzzeled… 4-5 different meals at every table… crazy. And we had also a barrel of vegetarian sarmale and a piece of 2 pounds of traditional smoked cheese in the big luggage. Maybe I should put half of those sarmale in the freezer, like I did with 2/3 of the cas afumat.

It suddenly came to me a weird craving for parsnip root… crazy, I’m telling you.

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