The June wedding thing

Uranus just crossed my 5th House in retrograde motion, in a cute triangle with my 2nd House Jupiter-Sun-Neptune and the Midheaven. The last time in my life when I will be having Uranus in my 5th House, just until March next year, after lurking around here for the past 6 years.

Last night I dreamed about Wesley.. yeah, that one. It was so fun. It was just him and me in a trailer and we were driving… somewhere. He was reading a letter that he received from Caroline and he was so excited about it and I was trying to cool him down. I was telling him that he should understand the difference between acting and real life, that even if he proposed to Caroline in the series, “dude, the woman is married, just had a baby, is busy, she cannot hang around from party to party with the other actors”.

Then we arrived to some amazing scenery of mountains and very beautiful blue skies and green pastures.. and I so desperately wanted to take pictures and when I took my camera and pressed the button, instead of taking the picture, it was showing me on the screen some picture that I made some years ago and I never saved it.. and I had to pass over 20-30 of these frames and I still didn’t arrive into the present scenery.

What bugs me is that I remember I knew in the dream where we are headed, to which country, but now I cannot remember. Even the dream itself I remembered it barely at some point in the afternoon, while I was working..

Some days ago I had another beautiful dream only with Nina. I cannot remember it 😦

I’ve been so stressed out in the past 3 weeks that I’m even forgetting what I did 2-3 hours ago. Creepy. Probably due to reducing the caffeine intake.. Like this morning, when I came downstairs and I noticed the light was on in the stove room (central heating machine’s room) and the bottom door from the stove was wide open and there was a log missing. The thought that somebody got inside and put a log in there and opened the door and left the light on rushed to my mind faster than the memory of me doing it. Creepy, I’m telling you.

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