Ice-cream.. inside

Do you have any idea how much 1 litre of milk per day really means? Who can possibly drink this amount? I’m barely putting 50 ml in the coffee in the morning and if I eat 1 more small yogurt besides that, in average per day, I’m happy. Ok and some cheese from time to time. I used to eat mozzarella until I figured out that it has more fat than I thought.. so now I switched to ice-cream. 😀 Maybe I could eat 1 litre of ice-cream per day.

Last evening, at the train station in Prague, I went to Burger King and I asked for a Zinger Menu… it took me a while to realize that I’m not in KFC. But I had a nice salad with vinaigrette dressing and some onion rings. And a pudding tart in the train.

You know, when you try to put all the facts and all the inputs together you realize that the outcome may not be a positive one. That’s because I have an obsession to believe that everything is true and the true solution to the problem is the simplest one.

And you start to read about it and then you freak out by how much drama exists in this world that you didn’t even know about, because usually people, in the end, share only the positive outcome. Even if this happens the second, the third or the fourth time they’ve tried. What’s hard is that you cannot share the things in more details. You bury all the details inside you and you still pray for a positive result, even if you realize at some point that majority of the facts point to the contrary and all this praying is draining you, so you just want to forget about everything and go back to your happy stuff, maybe even starting to put together a recovery plan of what to do in case you fail, only to figure out some hours later, even without any new symptom, that you started focusing on the same, thus attracting it. Like somehow, deep inside, you feel you’re not (yet) worthy of such a blessing. Lucky you’re not the only one who depends on the positive outcome of this situation and more people are wishing it along with you.

And after taking a step back you realize that in order to be able to think positive again you need to cry. Simple as that. Perhaps from happiness. Or exhaustion. To really connect with what you feel right here and right now. It’s impossible not to worry. You worry from the first day you find out.. that you have to pass that exam.. until the last day, when he/she moves out for college. Which reminded me of a joke :)) Did I mention this is madness? Madness.. how can you survive with only “one small cup of coffee” per day?

Now I’m in mood for toasts. Hot, melted inside, made from 3 different types of pasteurized cheese toasts. With ketchup on top. And maybe even some mayonnaise. Just that I have no toast bread nor cheese in the house and outside it’s snowing and we don’t have a car to go to Tesco. Wait, I found a Pizza under that Ice-cream in the freezer, that should work for tonight 😀 With Bryan Adams – Straight from the heart.

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