And now the whole story

.. now, until the euphoric effect of the general anaesthesia will go away..

So, once upon a time, some weeks ago, a lady figured out her boobs are suddenly more big and sensitive than normally before period, around the same day when period should have started. Also, this lady found herself talking ceaselessly about babies for the past 3-4 days and she acted a bit more spacey than usual. Until Oct 11th, when she said loudly to her partner: you know what, tomorrow morning I’m taking a test and if it’s negative I will stop with all this nonsense.

It was positive. First 2 lines of her life. But just to be sure, the next morning she took another one, a digital one (those that show you the weeks also) and she started taking prenatal vitamins. One week later, she took the same type of test as first time and this time the pregnancy line was more intense. As she knew that she will have to fly to Romania in few days, she scheduled a obgyn appointment for November 2nd. On Oct 23rd she noticed some white-brownish weirdly consistent stuff on the paper and a weird fainting sensation, just like before the period, but she didn’t want to go to any doctor in Romania, so she didn’t tell anyone. And she waited patiently.

She felt a bit weird that even at 7 weeks pregnant she was feeling just some small nausea, if not eating for more than 4-5 hours, and some food aversions and light fainting sensations, but not that all-day-throwing-up-your-guts-nausea that everyone was so so stressing about. She was told that “the real nausea” should start later..

Another thing that raised a warning sign to her is when the doctor said, during the 1st ultrasound, that the fetus is a bit small – 3,8 mm small – and she put her on Utrogestan, just to be sure and made another appointment after 2 weeks. But the only thing she could think about in the next days after the check was: “fetus is a bit small”.. what did she really mean by small…

So she searched online and she found tables after tables and she read hundreds of stories, when she realized the most probable diagnostic: missed miscarriage – fetus stopped developing at about 6w4d, most probably due to chromosomal defects (honestly, nobody knows for sure, why this happends). It supposed to have been at least 10 mm at 7w5d…

Ok, maybe she ovulated later that month, she assured herself, trying to stay positive. On the other hand, she couldn’t stop forgetting that 100%-for-this-exact-purpose-event, from the night of Sep 21st, which most probably led to her getting pregnant. (Since her life started to turn a bit dull, lately..) How many days can that mighty sperm live? Let’s be exaggerated and say 7 days. Which means, she should have been min 7w at the time of the ultrasound… they say you should be able to see a heartbeat at 7w.

Anyway, at about one week after the check, she mentioned her most probable diagnostic, to her partner, with a serene voice, like, if it is true, what she could have done to prevent it? Nothing.. She was at least assured that she can get pregnant – from the first try, actually – knowing she has polycystic ovaries… She was telling to herself: well, it wasn’t meant to be all the way this time, so next time. In the meanwhile the nausea started decreasing, she started gaining back the appetite for sweets, the boobs started to get less sensitive.. and each time she was referring to the product of her belly she was adding: “if it is still alive”..

At the check on Nov 18th, first thing she told to the doctor was that “her belly didn’t grow anymore” – at least this is what she was able to say, in czech. And the doctor took it literally, enforcing that the belly should start growing visibly only after the 14-15th week.

Anyway, this time she knew exactly where to look on the monitor and what to understand, even before the doctor was pointing it out loudly.. in czech. The doctor struggled during that intravaginal ultrasound to see the fetus… tried more positions, for like 10 minutes. It was visible only an empty 23 mm gestational sac.. no embryo, no yolk.. no nothing else. Doppler also showed nothing but a 23 mm black hole in the middle of some blinking red and blue pixels. Doctor ordered HCG test. Level was 28000.. which dropped to 18000, instead of doubling, at the test from Monday morning (72 hours later)… when the diagnostic was already clear and the doctor issued immediately the papers for hospital for D&C.

Tuesday, November 22nd, at 7:10, on empty stomach, she was already at the hospital, more relieved, than scared, the sac was measuring now only 17 mm and the embryo was visible again, barely 4 mm, yet also some spots of blood were visible around the sac, showing that the natural process of being pushed out was already in progress… so we were under clock here. At around 8:15 the students came to take some blood for tests for the anaesthetic and to present some consent forms and one of them remembered her from the previous very long stay, from Spring, after the car accident. :)) Then, they wrapped elasting bandages over her legs.

At 9:00 they already took her in the operating room for the procedure (even if she was told it might start at 10), very professionally, she was told how to properly lie on the operating bed, they tied the legs up, the nurse fixed the IV on the left arm (it feels like a 2-3 seconds prolonged sting) and then the anaesthetist – a very lovely lady, who spoke perfect english – told her that, after the anaesthetic will be inserted, she will feel a warming up sensation and then she will fall asleep. 2 seconds later our patient felt a tingling sensation in the chest and 1 second later total KO :))) . She woke up at 9:35, already finished, in the bed, having a small clean pad between the legs. The first thing she remembers saying: “Ï feel like I’m fainting!”. Interesting how brain works.. backwards :))) She was actually experiencing the opposite of fainting, more and more aware, waking up completely.

The mild sensation of pressure, down there, went away completely, after 1 hour. No type of pain killers what so ever were used/needed, she only had some antibiotics pumped through the IV during the procedure. At 11:40 she was served lunch and at 14:00 she was released to go home, with a paper on which says (in czech) “wait at least 2-3 months until trying again”.

So, my dear 4 mm embryo, with your respective soul (if you got to have one, that soon), I’m sure you had your proper reasons for changing your mind. RIP.

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