With the same dad – T.H.M – Chapter VII

Ok, I hope you didn’t forget about Moon and Meredith… And Jason and Josie. I just received some more creative energy from the stars :)) And they told me that the father of both Moon’s and Meredith’s baby is Jason. How was this possible?

Well.. Moon was already pregnant when she died in the metro crash in London. And when I resurrected her she came back exactly the same way as she left, no years have passed for her in the meanwhile. Meredith, on the other side, she met Jason long after Moon died and they fell in love and.. they got pregnant.

But some time has passed since I resurrected Moon, it’s now year 2020. Moon had another girl, Lia, and Meredith had a boy, Michael.

So this is how Jason ended up having 3 kids, while paying alimony to 2 of them. The interesting part is that he still lives with Meredith. And with their son. And Josie went to live with her Mom and her younger sister.

How is Moon taking care of 2 girls alone? Josie Sane, 7 years old now and Lia Delight, 1 and 1/2. Well, she is not really alone, because when she came back from the dead she brought some angels with her that are taking some of the responsibilities of watching over the girls. This is one of the reasons while Jason couldn’t get back together with her.

But we don’t care anymore about Jason and Meredith and their offspring, now the story will follow mainly Josie, Lia and the angels. Stay tuned!

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