… in mysterious ways

Today I travelled to Prague, for F5 exam, I’m in the train now, returning. It was an interesting day, which started quite exciting. Exciting, in the way to start my blood running fast through my body from the first moment of the day..

It was 5:46 and I already started to panic. Where the f is that bloody taxi? We called it at our address, so it should have been in front of the gate, at 5:35. But in front of our gate was only white. Everything was completely white and shinning.

Turns out the driver was still sleeping, so he forgot to turn left on the alley and he went forward, towards the woods… at 5:48 he finally understood where to come.. we had 7 min to catch the bus!

Luckily the ride to bus station took only 5 min. We arrived there right in front of the bus. I left the guy 50% tip, because I was very happy, because he eventually brought me in time.

I wanted to take my phone to write to my Leo that I arrived in time. I couldn’t find it. I searched in all the pockets. The thought that I forgot it in the taxi made me to panic. I had to sit down because I felt I am fainting… everyone was boarding and I was the one creating mental scenarios of what I would do without a phone. The hardest thought was that I couldn’t let my Leo know that I’m ok. Completely terrifying.

I found it after some seconds.. it was in the backpack, in the big compartment, next to my notebook… white over white… I looked up and thanked God. Then, jumped in the bus. And started talking to myself and meditating: “wtf woman, you’re not in college anymore, you have 10 years of work experience, get a hold of yourself, deep breath, calm down, raise your frequency, in order to make the time pass slower and work in your favour.”

I tried to read some more solved exercises, section C type, until Olomouc. Then I got in the train and my seat was taken… my 44 seat at the window, was taken by a dude! I didn’t want to fight, so I sat on 42, next to the door, because that dude was so smelling like cigarettes. I opened my traditional Red Bull before exam. At Pardubice a huge lady kicked me.. it was her seat.. So I moved to 43.. Then they started talking between each other. A frenzy!! And suddenly I realized I forgot everything… so I packed my revision stuff and just day-dreamed for 1 hour, to regain my energy back.

I arrived at British Council at 10:20..ish. “More than 30 min from the time when the exam should begin”, I was assuring myself.

“You’re late!”, told me a supervisor, in front of the room, which looked to be the exam hall.

“No, I’m not late, ACCA explicitly confirmed me, the exam starts at 11. I can show you the emails!!”

Then, his supervisor got out from the room, a nice lady, read me the instructions and safety procedures and showed me to my allocated computer. Number 13.. and I asked, “ok, so this will last 3 hours, right?”, “No, only 2 hours and a half, for you, because you are late!!”

And that’s when I really freaked out! Imagine shouting and cursing while whispering, in order not to disturb the other students.. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I started with reading section C, made some highlights, then moved to section B… reading on diagonal.. After I already finished one B question, the lady came to me and said that ACCA  replied, I should stay 3 hours, as per the policy, and that they made a mistake and they apologized… Good!…

So I tried to solve everything… I did first B, then I browsed through A and solved the text ones, then moved to section C and responded in-depth, at every point, got quite creative towards the end. :)) If I invented some formulas I expect to get credit for that. Moral credit.

Then, went back to A and in the last 15 seconds I was looking at the monitor and counting along with it. I left happy. Relieved. Now I saw I have to wait until January 16th, to get the result. 😦 Last time I checked, they had it written there on the portal, that the results will be published on December 18th, at 00:00… would have been a nice present for my birthday, to pass it.

Now… regarding the “mysterious ways” thing… Even if ACCA would have informed me correctly that the exam starts at 10, I still couldn’t have arrived at 10, as the train’s scheduled arrival was 9:55.. A solution would had been to book hostel and go one night before, but I didn’t want to waste 800 crowns, like for the exam last December in Brno, that I barely passed with 52%, because I slept very bad in that hostel room.

In conclusion, what A YEAR I had. Ok, the year is not yet finished, I have some… one… another… exciting thing on my plate and I’m even flirting with the idea to be in Mojo on my birthday! 😀 That would be a nice reward for all what I survived this year.

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