Zwishen “von” und “aus”

Noch einmal habe ich die Inspiration zu schreiben, von der gleichen Person aus Rumänien, der immer inspiriert mich, bekommen.

I saw also that thing with the “Tanenbaum aus Ikea”, I liked it, but then I read the comments, so I unliked it. I would like the one with “Tanenbaum von Ikea”, though. 😀

Yeah… and to go completely out of topic:

I just got outside from the house, I was wearing pajamas, I was in the mood to do some jogging around the neighbourhood. I spotted him from the distance, he was in a turkish posture over some metal box, wearing a yellow t-shirt! We made eye contact for few seconds and then I got confident and came closer, although, I was afraid he will get angry and tell me to go away and let him in peace. I noticed he was smoking. When I got close he smiled and said, in Romanian, (all our conversations are in Romanian), “What took you so long to get here? I was waiting you for so long!”

It was vivid dreaming. Probably for the first time ever with this person, I was aware that I am dreaming and everything is just a discharge from my subconscious. He also said “I always liked you, from day zero (I need to figure out what this “day zero” means), probably all of this it’s because I liked you way too much, from the beginning.” And I was like “I don’t believe you. I can’t believe you anymore, screwing with my mind and my emotions. I know this is not real, I know this is just a dream.”

And he said, “I can prove it to you”, showing me a tablet that supposed to have been a window of the future or some alternate universe, when we were all together, happy, our families also together. I said “Ok, let me take a picture of this”. And I took out my phone to take a picture of a frame from that video, when we were all aligned, like for taking a group picture. Somehow, deep inside of me I started to realize that what I am doing is not possible, like I’m entering into a place that should be inaccessible with our normal laws of physic.

I arranged the phone to capture the whole frame and while looking through it, just when I was about to press the button, I noticed his face and the face of some other person in the picture were grayed out and out of focus, compared with the rest, that were colorful and smiling. I instantly freaked out, like I have seen a ghost or something. And the freaking out sensation started pumping adrenaline into my body, which sent me back into the awaken plane. I woke up.

I fell asleep again though.. and the second dream was not that vivid anymore, which means this time I believed it when he was repeating me that he loves me. I gave in. 😦

But the creepy part of the dream was that my mom accepted a job in UK, to work as some political secretary, she was so excited and determined that she learned english, she was speaking fluently… She was more slim, dressed in a fancy suit, her hair was until the shoulders, chestnut color. I told her I ‘m coming also, I have vacation anyway. So we started searching for flights.

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