.. I was celebrating exactly 11 years ago. I was in Spain back then, I bought a cake, some sparkling wine and some chips and I celebrated in that apartment in Cartagena, with Catalina, Evi from Greece, Ivan from Italy, Daniel from Germany and.. if there was someone else I don’t remember. I was a bit sad because the portuguese guys weren’t there also.

So, 22 is my personal year number in 2017. As it was in 2008.. And 1999 and 1990 (although 40, respectively 31, so not exactly 22).

I remember 1999 was one of the most beautiful years of my life. I started a personal diary and wrote a story about Anna and Leo. It was so exciting writing it. It was the year of the total eclipse, visible from Romania. I remember it as an exciting summer, although, until I got my first job and started living alone, all summers seemed the same.

In 1990 my brother was born. And I started something, that kept me busy for the next 18 years: school.

2008… towards the end of the year I saw London for the first time… You know, few months before the end of the year I read somewhere that 2008 is my 22 personal year and there was a picture in that paragraph, with the Big Ben from London, so I wanted to fulfill the prophecy.

I have some plans for 2017, I am waiting for some energies to materialise, for some answers, that will trigger some changes.. We’ll see, what the universe has in store for me. It could be anything. Anything.

Update: a picture with the cake I made for today, a light tart with pudding base and strawberry and cream, with almond flakes, banana slices and white chocolate:


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