One from three – done

I am talking about the foods I’m planning to cook for this Christmas: vegetarian stuffed paprika, salad a la russe and lentils cream soup. I don’t cook more than 2 portions often, but when I do, I rarely follow a recipe and some pre-set ingredients, I put everything by the eye and by the taste. I like to consider myself a cooking genius, mostly because I like to keep things simple. 😀

I already put to boil the stuffed paprika. The idea (and the mood) to do this came to me barely last evening, when I sat in bed for sleep.. I was meditating: some sweet paprika, some soya granules, rice and that Portobello mushroom I have left from yesterday’s pizza. So I pre-boiled 1/2 bag of soya granules and 1 sachet of rice for 10 min, then I added one chopped onion and the mushroom, also chopped, I added some olive oil, salt, pepper, some parsley, a bit of Maggi and I was so happy when my composition was perfectly fit for the 4 sweet paprika. And then they perfectly fitted in the pot.. I added 1 litre of boiling water, one small can of tomato sauce and some parsley, for color.

Now, for the afternoon, when I will make the potatoes salad, I will be a bit creative also: I will add some celery root and some parsley root to it, since I couldn’t find parsnip.. And these people here haven’t heard of sour red paprika either.. they are selling some chopped stuff, instead of whole pieces… anyway, less chopping for me, taste is the same.

And I bought lentils. It’s gonna be my first time making lentils soup, as per the czech tradition. Last two years I bended the tradition a bit, when I made green-peas instead, because I was afraid I will not know how to cook lentils.

And as bonus – the same type of tart as my birthday, only this time with peaches instead of strawberries. Yummy.

Funny thing, today at Albert, when the taxi came, he asked me: Home? And I said, yes, and I wanted to say the address but he said it faster than me. He was the same guy that took me from Tesco on Wednesday. And the same thing happened to me when I came home from Fryda last week, it was the same guy who brought me there, I didn’t have to tell him where I go at all,  I’m starting to feel like a princess here, I think all taxi drives from this taxi company know me. 🙂

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