Christmas and.. delicious cookies!

So besides the salad a la russe and the lentils, I made these crunchy cookies, with walnuts and butter and chocolate flakes. Those that heat up in your mouth while chewing them. Delicious!

But it wasn’t that easy… Long story short: 2 min before the timer would go off, I smelled smoke… I’ve thrown away 3/4 from them and you cannot imagine how pissed off I was: my first Christmas cookies ever, ruined. I was feeling terribly disappointed by this universe!

But then, later on, since my Leo took it calmly, I started to see hope also. When I saw him cracking nuts again, I took out the spare butter from the freezer and I started weighing 300 gr of flower and 60 gr of powder sugar. And while seeing my recently painted red nails (ok, I made them yesterday) mixing all the ingredients together in the bowl, for the second time, I felt so wifey :)). Anyway, some time later, another batch was just ready to be baked!

We went at the oven and we put it on lower temperature, even if the first time was set at 200 degrees. And this time we let the oven just 5 min to pre-heat and we checked them every 5 min, just to be sure. Overall they needed the same amount of time to cook, as the first batch needed to get all black: 18 min. And in the recipe it says: bake 25 min, at 200..


And the lentils soup – it turned out a lentils food! After they were done and I took the pot from the heat, turns out the lentils absorbed all the soup from the pot, even if I let them in water prior cooking, 2 hours, to soften. But it was still very delicious!!

And the a la russe salad made in two different bowls: one with mayonnaise and garnished with black olives and the other with soyannaise and green olives, also delicious!. 😀

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