I wish you an excellent year!

It was what someone wished me once, some years ago, though, it was valid for 2010. Just found it now, in serendipity! And now I’m wishing it, for 2017, for everyone who stumbles on my blog. My pleasure! 🙂

Now, I don’t remember having read that wish at its time and looking back, at how that year unfolded, well, I think I will know how to use it better this year. In one particular department of my life, 2017 does have something similar with 2010. Yet it looks very much like 2008, so I can say that I know when and where I will be expected to step in, with the extra effort/energy.

When I bought this domain name, in 2008, I was just discovering numerology and I found out that it has the soul urge number 33: I thought that, by owning it, it may lead me more to my true destiny. And at the beginning I even tried to write things that would live up to these expectations… At least I can say that, in the past 6-8 years, I learned how to make the difference between helping someone and interfering into their life’s necessary trials. Ok, I’m still learning, on fine-tuning.

Little did I know… Yes, these appear to be just useless categories and archetypes: soul urge numbers, destiny numbers, personal year numbers… I don’t know who invented them and with which purpose, but I can say they did make me feel good when I found the corresponding ones for me – like I found my life calling. I believe everyone has the obligation to search for something that would make them feel special, no matter in which field they find it. I felt like somehow, somewhere, somebody did an effort to understand me and to explain me. Same thing applies also to astrology: Venus conjunct Saturn over Ascendant in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Neptune and Jupiter in Sagittarius, Moon conjunct Chiron in 7th House – do characterise my life path, so far, more than enough.

And coming back to that soul urge 33: no, I don’t truly believe that it is possible to make all humankind live in peace and harmony, although I sometimes waste my energy wishing it. Also, I’m not a person of legendary compassion and hospitality, because I’m yet to find if it’s possible to exist happily in this world, by all norms, while expressing all these characteristics. Nonetheless, I’m very curious to see how the world will look like in 20-25 years from now, when all the children that are raised while being asked about their needs, wants and feelings and being told “I love you” on daily basis, will grow up.

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