Ja chci se učit česky.

Just had a dream that woke me up, saying to everybody in the dream: “Wait, I’m having a stroke!”

So, when my man woke up this morning to go to work, I heard the alarm also, which I almost never do, but then I fell asleep again. It might have been 2 hours ago, now is 7:15..

In these two hours I dreamed so muuuch!! First, I remember I was going somewhere with Diana (the writer)… first, we were just walking close to each other, then we started holding hands, she was in my left side. I felt like I have to protect her for something, I helped her cross a street. At one moment I told her “I love you”. She told me the same thing also, just one moment later. It felt so normal…

Then she disappeared in the crowd. I went back to her office and there she was, she was owning a book store. This time we talked at a more polite level, like we weren’t that close anymore. I was helping around, I remember I was washing and scrubbing something in the sink..

Then there were more people from my life, they were of different nationalities, but we understood each other in English. At one point Diana told me she is not enough mentally stimulated… she was getting bored in my dream. So she started reading something in Italian.

Then I told her: “you know what? Let me teach you Czech. Repeat after me!”. So I started by telling her the sentence from the title. The thing is, I didn’t get to finish saying the last word, because he showed up in the room and came next to me. Even if we’d been together some moments ago, in a different dream.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was looking so much him, so amazingly good. It’s not very often when I’m 100% sure it was him… sometimes I wake up and look at a picture with him, thinking “Let’s sense the aura here, was it really him or was it a blend with some other people in my life?”.

Recently shaved, with his blond curly hair almost glowing. He was wearing a somewhat fluffy sweater, with purple, light pink and dark blue dots. Weird, but manly, it was suiting him so well! It was looking somehow like the color of a nebula, in the sky,  at night, with all the stars shinning around it. On top of that, he had a leather jacket, motorcycle type, in color dark burgundy.

I couldn’t believe that he finally came to see me, in my own world. I was so surprised, it felt sooo real and so normal.. that’s why I told everyone, out of emotion: “Wait, (stop the dream here, where we are now) I’m having a stroke”. I still knew at some level that it simply cannot be real. But I stood up and I hugged him with all my strength. I didn’t care, he was there now, had to take advantage. Amazing… all that discharge. I realize now I never hugged him like that, ever. From what I remember from the awaken life, we just kissed on the checks, a couple of times, at saying “hi”. And one time we held hands, forced by the surroundings. The emotion of hugging him woke me up… almost crying… when I realized it wasn’t real. Yet very grateful.

I’m hungry. It’s 8:10 now. Gotta get up, wash up, dress up, make the bed, change the air, go downstairs, throw in one more log, cuddle Bonnie, make coffee and one oatmeal bowl and come back to bed. This time with the laptop over me. This time for working. Dreaming is over now. :(( At least for the next 15-18 hours.

“Ja chci se učit česky.” = “I want to learn czech” or “My chcem se učit česky.” = “We want to learn czech” or “My chcem učit česky.” = “We want to teach czech.”

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