Nothing else to say – T.H.M – pre-Chapter VII

As Moon was working on some excel sheet at her desk of massive walnut wood, she noticed there was something wrong with the sheet.. the columns and the rows were not as they supposed to be.

For example, when you had selected a straight row, you would notice the selected cells do not belong to the same row, as if you had selected A3, B5, C4 or something..

So she asked for help. Jason was in the same room, somewhere in the left side of her visual field. He came and he sat on her right side, covering her left shoulder with his arm, and they were trying to fix the problem.

It was evening, dim light, very intimate atmosphere. When she felt his arm, she caught his palm with her left hand, and holding it tight, she leaned with her face on the right side, gazing at him. And when he slowly touched her lips with his, she felt life also in her right arm, which was moving up, fondling the pulp of his left leg, feeling the beginning of his shorts. As they were kissing, at one point he asked her:

– So, do you want to have sex?

– Jason… I’m in love with you, I’m obsessed with you, there isn’t something else in this world that I’d wish more to do. But I don’t want to be just a 3 minutes distraction in some random night of your life. I need more. I deserve more. You can definitely come back to me when you are willing to commit more.

This is what Moon was remembering today while she was breastfeeding Lia, while Josie was spending some quality time with her dad, in the park, just in front of her. She was noticing his hair and the lines on his forehead.. he aged so much. They both did.

Chapter VII

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