Amazing weekend

“Ich bin glücklich / Ich bin glücklich / Ich bin glücklich / Glücklich bin.” 😀

Last night I dreamed I was crying.. I was eating ice-cream and crying. It was interesting, experiencing emotions. I dreamed a lot of things and a lot of people, I cannot remember everything in details, because I was very tired when I went to bed, immediately after watching the latest episode of TVD, so my dreams were a bit influenced.

Still, I clearly remember I was trying to climb on a ladder, into the hay-storage-house, in my childhood country side back-yard and when I got to the half of it the ladder fell lose and I knew I was about to fall and smash against the ground. But somehow the action started to evolve in very slow motion and in the end I didn’t fall at all, the ladder broke just under me and it fell, but I kept floating there..

On Friday evening we’ve been to a Yoga lecture in a big hall, at the castle, in our city. First trip with our new car, exactly 1 year from the accident. I was a bit scared. They started with a piano recital, amazing, I was finally able to take out from my head the lyrics from “Losing my religion”. 😀 They played it so good, one couple, 3 different 4-hands plays. I was dreaming and flying all around the world during those notes.

Then, for Saturday, we were invited to another lecture and picknick-type-lunch, all together. I baked muffins in the morning and I offered to everyone there, as desert after the sandwiches that the other people prepared. I only had 9 muffins, I didn’t know how many people will be there. I offered one to the Guru and the rest I cut in 6 pieces and they were just enough for everyone to have a bite. I felt so happy after.

Then, in the evening, there was another lecture in Český Těšín, just few hundred meters until the border with Poland. Another piano recital, by the same couple. I was feeling very emotional and I was dreaming almost all the lecture, trying to balance those emotional issues. We arrived back home at around 8, I put my TVD to charge and then I opened the stats of my blog and I saw one entry I wrote in 2011, about my trip to Paris, which had new views. And so I ended up listening music and reading posts from my blog until 10.30 in the evening… and barely then, I started watching the vampires :D.

Today at 9 in the morning we drove again, this time for the lecture in Ostrava. A county tour of Yoga lectures, held by the same Guru. 🙂 And yeah… somehow, someway, just in front of the seat where we intented to go, there was this friend I made in Hrabyne. Except from some exchange of likes and impressions on FB, I haven’t seen or spoken with him since Hrabyne.. After I presented him to my Leo, we talked for a while – ok, they talked, in Czech, God knows about what. At one point the organisers opened one window and the back doors, the ones just behind of us, so I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt those moments too hot. :))

It was such a nice breeze coming from outside, sunny, the lecture was interesting. There were around 300 people in that aula, I found very curious how we ended up to sit just next to each other. It felt like a nice surprise from God, for me to not feel sad anymore, for the loss of the person, the one that I was crying about in my dream.. 😀 Adding up the experiences from summer of 2015 and 2016, from the Yoga camp, I’m starting to believe that it is something magical that is happening during these Yoga lectures. Some 5th dimensional flow of energies or something.

After the lecture we drove to Avion Shopping Park and we spent around 3k crowns in Hervis Sports and Ikea. Too many discounts. Now we are having fun making turns inflating one of those big blue fitness balloons.

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