And the last one

… of the Vampire Diaries episodes, is going to happen next week.

Until then:

” Yesterday, I felt happy. Not my usual everyday glow, but a wild, fierce happiness that ran along my veins like fire.

I would have known, even without the slight tug of the bond between us, that it came from you. It felt like you. What were you doing? Where were you yesterday?

I’m glad you’re happy, Damon.

I miss you. Thanks to the bond the Guardians forged, we’re never really far away from each other. I’m constantly aware of you, with a low-level hum of Damon-ness running through me. But I’d like to see you in person.

I can’t believe it’s been four years. I think of how we said good-bye, that last evening at Dalcrest, the bond between our auras so new, and how I cried, and I keep wishing I could have convinced you to stay.” (

So simple, so believable, so epic, so… “as if I wrote it myself”.

I’m back at the books, for now. Love you, forever, RIP, TVD.

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