My little plants collection

I present you some of the Aquilegia Caerulea that were sown on February 11th and some the Antirrhinum Majus, sown on January 29th. I made a small collage with them because they are in different clusters:


I’m very happy with the small “Columbines” (Aquilegia) because they took a bit longer than the others to sprout and only about 30% of them managed to see the light. That’s why I love more the ones who did manage. 🙂 They are of different colours, also visible by the shade of the leaves.

So these plants have 3 weeks since I put the seeds into the ground and barely on one of them – in the section from bottom left – you can see the 1st layer of true leaves emerging.

Now regarding the “Snapdragons” (Antirrhinum), I put in 3 small pots a lot of seeds, probably too many and although they sprouted in few days they developed very slowly. But the special thing about 3 from the ones above, which I discovered and managed to separate from over 100, is that they are somewhat of a mutant: 3-leafed and not 2-leafed like all the normal plants. Which is why I love them so much.

I saw this “3-leafed thing” also on the other species that I’m growing, with a frequency of 5-10%, but not as perfectly symmetrical as the ones above.

Besides the 2 species above, I have also these 3 species (from left to right): Nigella Damascena, Myosotis Sylvatica and Callistephus Chinensis.


The “Love-in-a-mist” (Nigella) were sown in the same day with the “Columbines”, they grew faster from the beginnig but their development stage is not higher, since they are also barely showing one from the 1st layer of true leaves.

The “Forget-me-not” (Myosotis) I’m ashamed to say but I lost track of the exact day when I put the seeds into the ground, but they are around 2 weeks old or so, barely showing the 2nd leaf of the 1st layer of true ones. Love them 🙂

And in the right bottom I have the colored daisies (Callistephus) which I sown on February 23rd, so they are 10 days old, but quite fast in developing, almost all of them have already the 1st layer of true leaves.

Besides these six, I have also the Sweatpeas from 29th of January, which are growing like crazy, already 40 cm high and 4-5 sets of true leaves. I will show them again when they will blossom 🙂

And the last but not the least, the Tomatoes:


Sown in the same batch with the Columbines and the Love-in-a-mist, they develop normally, already showing the 2nd layer of true leaves. And they smell so amazing!! Like real tomatoes. I would eat them already.

They were first 33, then few days later I counted them and they were 37, now I have 40. Two of the clusters have 3 plants in them, although I remember putting max 2 seeds per cluster. :)) At one point I will have to separate them, put them each in her own cluster, which is going to be very painful for me, because maybe some of the very small ones will have to be sacrificed.

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