Dream left-overs

I was in a class room, some post-university class of something. After some time sitting there more or less quietly, some professor comes and says that “We can go now, the class/test is cancelled”. While everyone started moving slowly towards the door, like nothing happened and they were about to leave, showing signs of resignation, I couldn’t hold myself and I stood up to the teacher:

“What? This is not fair. How can you summon us all here and then say that this session is cancelled? You really think that you can screw up with all of us, like this? We all have our own life, we all have limited free time, jobs, family etc.” I was very pissed off..

But in the end looks like the test started. In my paper the question was something like “Make a composition in which you give elaborate examples of tricks, inspired by the grown up men around you, that you apply when dealing with the education of toddlers.”

Cool subject! I would really like to take a class like that. 🙂

So I started writing, the ideas were coming to me like a river. I was writing with a blue ballpoint pen, over a plain white paper sheet that I stole from some notebook I found lost somewhere over some bench..

I wrote like 5-6 rows and with each word I was writing my calligraphy was better and better. I was so proud of myself regarding my cursive writing skills, when I noticed – which was actually what I was secretly wishing – he was standing next to me, on the left side of my desk, reading what I wrote:

“Wait, but this is not me, this is not me, I cannot be like this.”

“Who said this is about you?! This is THE IDEAL, which, by default, it’s something which cannot be real. On the other hand, you ARE real, so there is a big part of real satisfaction that can be filled by this.

And then, in particular about the example that I was giving, I wrote something about inspiring and developing the curiosity regarding some topics. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but it did make sense then.

“Wait, so you can mix art with science?  I didn’t know this is possible.”

“In your reality.., maybe. In mine, this is possible. From where I see the things art and science are not that much disjunctive after all.”

And then I slowly started sliding back… and I woke up. It was 4 AM.

A… before the class, there was something like an informal interview when he asked me some trick question about wells and currents.. which I found quite silly, because the correct answer was that easy that even a 5-year-old would have found it, the trick was to be able to think on 2 different levels simultaneously.

And after I woke up and I wrote some things about this dream, so I won’t forget it, I fell asleep again and I had the most amazing lucid dream I ever had in my life. I know I wrote before that they are useless, but I take that back, the one from this morning was really amazing. I’m still learning and evolving apparently.

It started with me getting into a room that should have been empty, but the tv somehow it was on, in a corner of the room. That was when I concluded that I am dreaming, because I knew with all my strength that a tv cannot start by itself in an inhabited room. Then there were some people around also, apparently I was attracting them. I was talking with someone and explaining, so excited that this was a dream.

“This is not real, this is a dream and it’s amazing! It’s my dream. Look around, look how many details I can create.” There was a table with foods, cookies, and some library shelfs around and chairs and a military-green sofa with people sitting. I was looking at the cookies and I took one small tart to taste. I was afraid that if I acknowledge too much that I am dreaming things will start to fade away and I would wake up, I was even thinking “dude, this is really strong, I must be sleeping very deep right now to be able to sustain all this.” It felt like few hours in there. Truly amazing what you can do when you know that you are dreaming and you can do absolutely anything. 🙂 When things started to become a bit borring, my alarm rang. 7:30.

PS. I must’ve listened 100 times this song in the past 2 days. I’m telling you, she’s really good, pathos, stamina, I only wonder how much she can really understand from what she is singing. But what’s certain is that, this girl was here before.

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